VIAM iHuntFit

About VIAM Outdoors

VIAM Outdoors is a family owned and operated business that started with an idea to make outdoor products more functional and at an affordable price. What was just an idea to make our own gear better, turned into a goal to make better gear for all outdoor enthusiasts. We enjoy everything about the outdoors, and have a strong belief that quality is key to the equipment we produce. 

My wife and I have two daughters and we believe that being outside and experiencing what the world has given us is key to a healthy lifestyle. We have grown up in the Pacific  Northwest, studied Business Management at the University of Montana in Missoula, and now we currently reside in Bozeman Montana. It is quite simple to say “our world centers on the beauty of nature”. 

Everything we make has to pass our eyes of scrutiny before we send it out to you. We believe in a lifetime warranty because if your gear fails, we will make it right, find a better way to construct it and in return we make a more efficient product. 

At VIAM Outdoors, we want to provide exceptional lightweight outdoor gear at an affordable cost to all outdoor enthusiasts.