TEAM iHuntFit

We would love to have you join #TEAMiHuntFit on the road to the top!

If you are interested in joining #TEAMiHuntFit for a completely unique coaching and brand experience, we invite you to fill out our application to begin the journey to hunt stronger, feel better, and go wherever your hunt takes you!

Join The iHuntFit Field TEAM

iHuntFit is looking for TEAM members, AROUND THE WORLD, who are passionate about hunting, the outdoors, fitness,  AND wish to promote the iHuntFit brand. In exchange, our Field Team members will receive a discount on all iHuntFit programs and store products. iHuntFit Field Team Members will have the opportunity to advance to ‘Pro Staff’ or, as we like to call it, our Leadership Team.  Our Leadership Team is very limited, and not available by application.  We only offer Leadership Team positions to the highest performing and hardest working Field Team members, who also have special skill sets.

iHuntFit requires Field Team members to be responsible, mature, energetic, morally & ethically sound, and well spoken. We hold our Field and Leadership Teams to high standards, thus we will engage with social media accounts and websites that applicants have, for further verification.  We are looking for social media, photography, video, or other content that is geared towards our hunting/outdoor clientele, that contain appropriate posts (no cursing, sexual content, offensive subjects, etc.), and proof of your hunting/outdoor pursuits.

Expectations for iHuntFit Field TEAM Members

  • Required to purchase & use at least one month of an iHuntFit Coaching Program…available at a 20% discount (if application is approved).
  • Provide consistent and high quality content about iHuntFit including, but not limited to photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts, forum conversations, etc;
  • All iHuntFit related content, provided via social media or any other venue, may be used by iHuntFit at it’s own discretion.
  • Promote and demonstrate ethical, fair chase hunting, conservation, and time spent in the field.
  • Maintain a high level of positive and uplifting TEAM spirit.

iHuntFit Field TEAM Member Benefits

  • iHuntFit Field TEAM Membership Package includes a signature series shirt.
  • 20% discount on all iHuntFit programs & store products.
  • Access to deep discounts from our exclusive sponsors.


  • iHuntFit Field Team positions are limited and EARNED.
  • iHuntFit reserves the right to terminate Field Team members at any given time.

After carefully reading the information above, please feel free to APPLY NOW!


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