Train on Purpose 84


Warm up 30 seconds each:
Jumping jacks
Butt kicks
High knees
Overhead squats to march
Reverse lunge with arm raise
Spider steps
T-push ups

Complete each Circuit 1 three times before moving to Circuit 2… During each Circuit try to rest only long enough to get to the next exercise

Circuit 1:

25 kettlebell swings
15 sandbag squats
12 burpees with overhead clap at the bottom of Rep (keep core tight and good form)

Rest 1 minute

Circuit 2:

16 ball slams
30 seconds stair/treadmill sprints…with 30 seconds less intensity 4 times
12 sandbag push presses
10 each leg split squat jumps…watch your form!!
16 lateral bear crawl push-ups

Cool Down