Train On Purpose 161


Warm-up: Foam Roll

Workout: To celebrate the Holiday, let’s go through a mobility/recovery circuit. Rest should be the time it takes to move into each new position. Perform this for 2-3 sets spread throughout your day.

A1. 90/90: 30-60 sec
A2. Cat/Cow: 30-60 sec
A3. Bow Draw to Thread the Needle: 30-60 sec
A4. Shoulder Corkscrew: 30-60 sec
A5. Pigeon: 30-60 sec
A6. In-Step Lunge with Rotation: 30-60 sec
A7. Cobra: 30-60 sec

B1. Walking Inchworm: 20-40 yards
B2. Low Ape: 20-40 yards
B3. Bear Walk: 20-40 yards
B4. Crab Walk: 20-40 yards
B5. Spider Crawl: 20-40 yards

Cool-down: Foam Roll