She Hunts iHuntFit

Skills Classes & Activities

Gun Handling, Safety, Maintenance, Engineering.


Long Range Shooting

Mounting Scope / Box & Bore Sighting / Range Sight In

Shotgun Shooting

Dangerous Game with double barrel Krieghoff rifle

Shooting Rest Methods – Shooting Sticks, tree, shooting position

Importance of Conservation and Ethics of hunting

Field Dressing / Butchering/ preparing trophy for taxidermy

Wild Game Cooking/ Smoking Tutorial

Basic Hunting skills – spot and stalk, stand, glassing, ranging, wind, sun

Animal ID-North America & Exotic

Important Hunting Gear and Accessories

Wilderness Medicine & Survival

Campfire Stories

Sunset game drives in open air jeeps that resemble those used in an African Safari

Many more seminars are being added.

Who, What, Where, How?


Women’s Camp – Ages 18 – unlimited

We welcome Mother Daughter groups ages 10 & up


March 14-18 2019 

June 27 – July 1 2019


Record Buck Ranch, Utopia Texas

How ? 

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