iHuntFit Phelps Game Calls

Phelps game calls was established by myself (Jason Phelps) in 2009. I was always fascinated with calling animals into close range and thinking about hunting, so I asked myself what better hobby than making calls? I set out to make the most realistic and easy to use cow elk call available. After extensive testing, I found a combination that sounded very good and was very easy to play. I then started making and marketing my first elk calls. Since then I have made Predator, Deer, Turkey, and other calls. I am always working to provide calls that first produce the most accurate sounds possible and second I want an attractive looking custom call.

Phelps Elk Calls Review

“My go to calls this year were Phelps Unleashed Bugle Tube and AMP frame reeds. I’ve used every brand of calls through out the years. The AMP frames are easy to use and make outstanding sounds. Cow calls, bugles, grunts you name it, these work. Paired with the Unleashed Bugle Tube, bugles are loud. Called 6 bulls in during my hunt. 3 under 20 yds. Took my bull at 30 yds. Only calls I’m carrying in the elk woods now.”

Ty Reed, iHuntFit Field Team