Off Grid iHuntFit

About Off Grid

We are hunters. We are gatherers. We are fishermen, adventurers and explorers. We opt for a deeper sole to soul connection to our food and where it comes from. We are Off Grid Food Company and we are here to #FUELTHEHUNT.

Our People

We eat, sleep, and breathe the above mantra. We prepare year-round, spend countless hours and days in the woods or on the water in search of food and adventure. Our passions are the drive for our products and we know there are countless others out there who take what they eat as seriously as we do.

Our Products

Off Grid Food Company’s products were born from the countless nights in the wilderness we call our second home. Our goal is to create the premier line of hand-crafted foods, from real, source-focused ingredients, for all of your hunts, scouting trips, fishing trips, or regular backcountry adventures. All of our products are developed with the rigors of the backcountry in mind, and are developed and crafted to help you go the extra distance.  We hope you choose to eat Off Grid.

Our Mission

Off Grid Food Company strives to be the premier provider of health conscious, whole-food crafted backcountry foods for the hardcore outdoorsman. Choosing to be connected to your food and where it comes from on a deeper level is no light decision. Countless hours and dollars spent preparing for a hunt should not go to waste due to poor nutrition while on the mountain. Our goal at Off Grid Food Company is to provide an ethically and sustainably sourced menu geared towards spending long days in your boots, far from the comforts of home. We are here to #fuelthehunt for the loyal and dedicated community of mountain hunters and outdoor folk we call family.