Matt Hartsky builds bodies.  Fresh off his college career as a national level runner, he was a certified running coach and certified personal trainer.  In just a few short years, while competing for Team Reebok, he built several outstanding teams as a high school coach and athletic director, before moving on to strength coach at the college level, and gym owner.

Since 1996, Matt has become a highly sought after strength coach, personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist, fitness author and speaker.  His broad range of experience with thousands of clients, coupled with his high level academic background, gives him the unique ability to provide proven strategies that get results.

There is absolutely nothing that gets Matt’s heart going more than the thought of the next pursuit.  Fair chase is hard and he loves every second of it.  As an avid life-long hunter, pitting his skill, preparation, and knowledge against mother nature’s best is a challenge Matt lives for.

Fusing the two dominating forces in his life- hunting & fitness, iHuntFit was born.  Matt’s goal is to use iHuntFit as a resource for the hunting community.  By combining his fitness knowledge and experience, with his passion for hunting, to provide you with safe & progressive training & nutrition options. iHuntFit offers detailed & personalized online coaching programs designed to help hunters prepare for the unique physical, nutritional & mental demands of time spent in the field & to help improve your chances for success!

Join the iHuntFit Team to hunt stronger, feel better, and go wherever your hunt takes you!

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