We are for the cool dad, the lady who loves adventure or the little kid who wants to bring home a big trophy.
In our lineup are the iconic iScope and iSpotter. Two amazing tools to add to your hunting tool kit. We designed and crafted a patented adapter that uses the camera on your smart phone to record and film your outdoor adventures. you simply attach the device using a four point screw system and can now see a full screen view of what you would normally see through your scope by using your Smartphone’s camera. This new full screen view allows for easier, safer shooting, better accuracy and the option of filming your hunt from the eye of the shooter.
Our device is designed for the majority of the scopes on the market, spotting scopes, binoculars, telescopes and microscopes with a 48mm eye piece range. If you are a hunter, man of the outdoors, woman who enjoys hiking and nature or a kid who wants to get in on the action visit out website and check us out.
iScope Rifle Scope Adapter