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iHuntFit 005: Zac Griffith

In this episode of iHuntFit Radio, Coach Matt Hartsky is joined by Zac Griffith.  Zac is a guy who is well respected in the hunting community for the drive and ABSOLUTE PASSION he brings to the outdoors.  Many of you have no doubt seen Zac on social media promoting our love of the pursuit, to the hunting community.

Zac is the creator and owner of SUMMIT Productions, where he does an amazing job capturing the story of the hunt.  He is the Field Editor of Muley Crazy Magazine, and national pro-staff for Hoyt, Warrior Fuel, Salomon, First Lite, and Grave Digger Broadheads.

One of the biggest reasons I asked Zac to join us today is because he is an absolutely obsessed dude when it comes to fitness and physical preparation for the hunt.

Zac is a genuine, real, pulls no punches, good guy, who I have a ton of respect for and he shares a mountain of excellent information and advice.  Whether you are mildly interested in fitness, or a big believer in physical hunt preparation, you will love the nuggets he shares!