Step Ups are often left out of training routines because of their challenging nature. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this useful tool!
– Aim to use a box, bench, or step that puts your hip level with or below knee height.
– Warmp up with no weight.
– Keep arms (weights) at sides, with very little swing.
– Drive thru the heel of the front (box) leg, keeping the knee from traveling forward as much as possible. 
– Return to a flat footed position with the back (floor) leg, trying to only drive off the box leg.
– Keep a tall back, with chest and head up.
✔️Lower repetitions and heavy weight are great for building strength & power.
✔️Higher repetitions are perfect for growing strength endurance used for running, biking, hiking, and steep climbs.
✔️All variations help improve stabilization and balance.
✔️Safe for knees and lower backs.
✔️Use alone or combine with other exercises for compound or supersets.

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~ Coach Matt Hartsky