Kettlebell Face Pull

Kettlebell Face Pull

iHuntFit Facepull Exercises

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How can I do face pulls without a cable machine? Here is an example with a Kettlebell, but a Dumbell or other tool would work just fine for performing one of my all time favorite exercises.
✔️Start in bent my position with back flat and supported
✔️Begin movement with a straight arm, and thumb pointing up
✔️Pull the weight towards your face and rotate your thumb down as you bring the back of your hand towards your cheek
✔️Slowly return to the start position with the elbow fully extended
✔️Note the side view, for referencing the flat back and neutral spine from the hips thru the neck. We accomplish this by pushing the belly button down towards the floor and pulling the shoulders back towards the ceiling.
Shout with any questions
“Hunt stronger, feel better & go wherever your hunt takes you!”
~ Coach Matt Hartsky


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