Foot Elevated Split Squats

Foot Elevated Split Squats

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Whether you have trouble with your knees or lower back, or are just looking for a great leg builder, the Foot Elevated Split Squat is one of the safest, results producing leg alternatives to barbell squats (used extensively by top strength coaches world wide):
✔️Notice the knee angle of both the front and back foot elevated versions. The forward knee should stay back over the heel of the front foot at all times to take away any stress to the patella tendon (front of the knee)
✔️The back knee should stay straight under the hips
✔️Maintain tall upright posture with the chest high and no bend at the waist
✔️Keep the movement straight up and down (not front to back)
✔️Much less weight needed for great results
✔️Safe for backs and knees
✔️Builds balance & stability
✔️Can be done ANYWHERE you have a step… or rock ?

As always, shout with questions.

“Hunt stronger, feel better & go wherever your hunt takes you!”
~ Coach Matt Hartsky


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