Gym Based Strength & Conditioning Plan

Top Level Hunt Prep

The Gym Based Strength & Conditioning Plan includes a standardized 4 week (28 days) plan, utilizing safe & highly effective GYM based workouts for hunting. Choose your current level of fitness & experience.


Build strength endurance for long days of hiking- more ground covered = more opportunity.


Gain hunting specific strength for bow shooting, climbing hills, and carrying heavy packs.


Improve your cardiovascular system for easier breathing & controlled shooting.


Cut your body fat to help you become a more efficient predator & feel better in the field.


Develop balance, coordination & posture.


Enhance your recovery on longer hunts.

Gym Based Strength & Conditioning Plan

* Please Note: At this time, I will personally email your Gym Based Strength & Conditioning Plan after I receive notification of your purchase. ALL plans can be EASILY modified to fit any level of experience, starting fitness level and goal(s). Please shout with any questions.

1 MONTH: $25