Ultimate Predator iHuntFit

My 2017 season began on August 15, with spot and stalk pronghorn in the wide open spaces of Wyoming.  While the best approach to bowhunting the sharp eyed antelope is undoubtedly to remain unseen in a blind, there is a whole new level of frustration and joy found in crawling around the prairie, dodging cactus.

While mid-August is a bit too early to hope for much rut activity in our neck of the woods, I planned to utilize the bow mounted Ultimate Predator Pronghorn Decoy in hopes of closing the distance on a wary buck.   Day 1 proved the theory to be true and we were able to get within 80 yards of a nice buck.  From there, we knew it would simply be a matter of time before it all came together and we had a shooter at the right distance.

Ultimate Predator Matt Hartsky iHuntFit

After several more days of doing the cactus shuffle and many blown stalks, with pronghorn just out of effective bow range, it finally came together.  With light fading, I was able to use a small bit of undulation in the prairie to intercept a traveling herd of speed goats.  When the buck presented a broadside shot at 55 yards, I was able to range and shoot him from behind the Ultimate Predator Pronghorn Decoy.  Without a doubt, having the decoy attached to my bow allowed me the time I needed to make it happen.

Ultimate Predator iHuntFit

The Pronghorn Decoy weighs in at 8 oz with a collapsed dimension of 9 inches.  Other key features we love about the decoy includes: a built in shooting window, durable, UV free, quick drying, micro suede fabric, it attaches securely to any bow or mono/bi/tripod, it has a customization hook and loop attachment system, it attaches in seconds,it allows for full hunter mobility, comes with built in orange safety straps AND is 100% made in the USA!