Cole Simonson iHuntFit

SKRE Gear Review

By iHuntFit’s Cole Simonson

When looking for gear that can withstand the amount of abuse I put it through, and won’t fail when I need it most, I spend hours of research before making any decisions.  In my quest to upgrade my camo last season, I came across SKRE Gear.  

The first thing about SKRE that caught my eye was the camo pattern.  The pattern was beautifully designed for multiple hunting environments.  From the grasslands to the high country I have found the SKRE patterns to blend in with its surroundings… almost too well (I’ve almost lost a vest and jacket a time or two). 

Secondly, I was beyond excited about their guarantee.  SKRE gives customers the option to send back their garments until you have found the size and fit you like best.  This policy gave me peace of mind when ordering  my gear because I trusted I wouldn’t have to argue with someone on the phone for hours just to get my camo to fit right.  I was also able to speak personally with one of the SKRE owners on multiple occasions, and he was beyond helpful.  Mike Wand was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about his gear.  He knew it front and back and was completely honest with me.  This is what customer service is all about and what officially sold me on SKRE gear.

Another reason I chose SKRE was because of their discounted bundle packages.  They line out the gear which is best suited for every season. Living in Wyoming, I personally chose the Rocky Mountain bundle.  This bundle came with everything I needed from early season to late fall and even into the winter months.  It was a solid choice as I have enjoyed every layer from the merino base layers to the hardscrabble pants and jacket.


The Kaibab merino base layer is absolutely fantastic.  The Kaibab pants are comfortable and flexible and I have had no problem with chafing or rubbing anywhere.  The ¾ zip long sleeve shirt is awesome for either a base layer or a stand alone shirt that excels in hot weather. The perfect fit with plenty of length, thumbholes, and the next to skin feel of quality merino!

I can not say enough good things about the Hardscrabble pants.  I have put these pants through hell and back.  From getting hung up on barbed wire fences to falls down hill sides, these pants have withstood it all.  They also have a vent on each upper thigh which has been strategically placed for the best air flow and comfortability.  I personally did not know how nice this feature was until I used these pants, and I can say that I will never own a pair of pants without vents again!

The Alpine short sleeve shirt is made from a very comfortable and quick drying material, and it has quickly become one of my favorite shirts to wear all year around.  It is light, and like their other gear it has not caused any rubbing or chaffing.

The final layers that I have fallen in love with are the Hardscrabble vest and jacket.  These two have been worn year round and are still in great shape.  Like the pants, I have put these both through rough conditions and they have performed beyond my expectations.  They are comfortable, warm, and tough.  Both pieces have generous pockets and the jacket is also equipped with pit zips.

To finish up my review I would like to share a story of when I came to realize how important it was to have gear as technologically advanced as SKRE.

It was opening morning of deer season.  My hunting partner and I had hiked over three miles into the rugged breaks of Wyoming.  The temperature was around 35 degrees and I had all my SKRE layers on, while he had regular pants and a jacket on.  Halfway into our hike in I began to get warm so I opened my vents on the Hardscrabble pants and jacket and I continued to hike comfortably.  Before we got to our spot it started to sleet and rain; I could tell a storm was coming.

As the sun crested the breaks, the skies opened up and a downpour began.  Without rain gear, my partner and I weathered the storm, and even with the water resistance of my SKRE gear the water slowly seeped in and by the end of it we were soaked to the bone.  After an hour of cold and suffering, the storm broke and we began to walk.  This is where I realized the advantages of the SKRE technology. After just an hour or so of walking my SKRE gear was dry, while my hunting partner was still walking in very damp clothing.

We hunted the rest of the day, and by the end of it we had covered 15 miles and had been in every type of weather Wyoming could throw at us.  We battled the cold, rain, wind, and heat.  And through it all, my SKRE gear not only performed as advertised, but most importantly, it kept me more than comfortable in uncomfortable situations.