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SIG Sauer Optics Kilo850 Review ~ Cole Simonson

As I pulled out my new SIG KILO850 Rangefinder from its box, I noticed two things:  This rangefinder looks tough and sleek!  The directions in the box were very clear and accurate.  I was able to set up and begin using my new rangefinder within a few short minutes.   As I looked into the rangefinder more, I found out it had a bunch of useful features.

My absolute favorite feature is that Sig made the Kilo850 very user friendly and simple.  Two clicks and you are on target.  This might not seem like a big deal but when in the field simplicity is key to quick and accurate target acquisition.  

My next favorite feature of the Kilo is its AMR  (Angle Modified Range).  This is very important to bowhunters like myself, and is one of the reasons I purchased the Kilo850 in the first place.  I tested the AMR on the Kilo850 rangefinder multiple times on different targets, and to say the least, I was beyond pleased with how quick and accurate the AMR feature was.


The next feature I use the most is the Hyperscan.  This feature was extremely impressive when it came to long range targets.  For example, during my 2017 antelope hunt (more on that later), I was able to keep my Kilo850 on the target for a couple minutes while getting continuous accurate feedback on the range of the animal.  

As with all my optics, I run them through a few basic tests.  First was the eye relief and focus.  Which is one of the reasons I chose a Kilo rangefinder.  The focus came in very clear and easy. It was also very comfortable to look through.

Next, I test for its accuracy.  I have a range at my house that goes from 20-80 yards, and at every marker the Kilo850 was within a foot or two of the exact range.  I was extremely happy with this test.

The final test is the ease of target acquisition, and with the Kilo’s reticle it is extremely fast and accurate; especially at long ranges.  The reticle is also clean and clear when ranging a target.  

At this point, the Kilo850 had passed my basic tests but it still hadn’t been used in the field under real hunting conditions.  Throughout my 2017 season, I was able to use this rangefinder multiple times, on multiple targets, while hunting.  To say the least- I was more than impressed.  The Kilo850 gave me accurate ranges on animals  from 15 yards out past 550.  Even better, it gave me accurate ranges while tracking my targets. Throughout my hunting season the rangefinder also took a beating.  Whether it was bouncing down a dirt road in my truck or being dragged through the mud on a stalk through the middle of the Wyoming prairie, and it continued to work flawlessly, despite the abuse.


I am very excited about the technology and advancements SIG has brought to the optics world (look on their website to know what SIG is up to). I personally  believe they are going to continue to make a huge impact on the optics world because of their innovation and their affordable price.  I will be recommending the Kilo rangefinder series to everyone, and the Kilo850 will remain a constant in my hunting gear.