MAMBA 34 TF Review ~ Matt Hartsky

I had gone with the big name bow companies for years, caught up in chasing the hype.  But, I wanted to shoot something different in 2017.  After a knowledgeable hunting buddy recommended I check out APA and I visited their website, the first thing that jumped out at me was their tag line, “We are NOT the same.”  That was a good sign, and after reading dozens of positive reviews, speaking with dealers and other hunters who currently shot APA bows, I was convinced to give them a try.

From past experience, I feel I shoot better using a longer bow.  That knowledge combined with the overwhelming number of positive reviews on the APA Mamba 34 left me little doubt as to which model I’d be shooting.  The 34 1/8″ Axle To Axle, with 6 1/8″ brace height were exactly what I was looking for.

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The over the phone ordering process was extremely easy and the friendly, knowledgeable staff made me confident I would receive exactly what I was looking for.  I was unsure what shipping from Canada would entail, but in a few short days, my Mamba 34 was at my door.

As I opened the box, I was absolutely tickled with the color I had picked.  The Dissolve Wing pattern was much more tan than the green shown on the APA website, which not only looks sharp, but blends extremely well in the field.

APA Mamba 34 Review

And then, I picked it up.  While I had read about the rubberized finish and heard it mentioned by other shooters, it didn’t really sink in until I picked up my bow that first time.  Seems simple, but what a great idea!  It not only feels great in hand with more grip, but also provides insulation from the normally cold aluminum riser. The rubber coating also plays an important role in reducing overall bow vibration.

The Mamba 34 comes standard with APA MX Cams featuring a True Dual Cam with a Solid Wall, 7” Draw Range, EZ Tune Mods which simplify timing and tuning of the bow, and dual sealed ball bearings for added stability and speed. The MX Cams are adjustable in 1/2” increments, and include APA’s exclusive Cam Lock feature allowing string or cable change in the field, without the use of a bow press.  Yes, you read that right- NO BOW PRESS NEEDED!

In addition, APA’s Rotating Draw Stop allows the archer to have a rock-solid back wall at any draw length or draw weight while still providing the highest level of performance. When combined with APA’s extremely efficient Cam and Easy-Tune mods, it allows the archer to personalize, adjust and fine tune the feel of their bow at full draw.

Another important piece of technology on the Mamba 34 (and all APA bows) are the Twin Flex Limbs.  Until now traditional solid limbs stored energy only in the solid portion, leaving the forked end ridged. APA’s Twin Flex limbs are engineered to allow the forked section to flex, distributing the load amongst two separate working areas and enabling the storage of more energy.  This largely contributes to the Mamba 34’s IBO speeds of up to 355fps! The Twin Flex Limb ultimately raises performance, lowers physical weight, reduces decibel levels and smooths out the draw cycle while maintaining APA’s slim profile.

Several other innovative and unique features include:

  • Carrying Handle: Revolutionary handle that provides easy carrying and creates forward weight. Also increases stiffness in the riser acting as a support bridge, decreasing hand shock.
  • Thin Grip: Slender torque resistant grip that allows consistent hand placement, adding accuracy.
  • Riser Fang: Signature fang enables you to hang your bow directly onto any branch or limb without any additional equipment.
  • Camera Mount: Capture your hunting experience from a first person view. Camera Mount Kit required.
  • Carbide Knife & Broadhead Sharpener.
  • Broadhead Wrench.
  • Knock Wrench.
  • Cam Lock Pin.

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Amazing technology, and common sense additions, but how did the Mamba 34 perform?  My first trip to the bow shop worked out to be a success.  My shop hadn’t worked on an APA before, but the guys and gals there were quickly impressed.  Initially, the owner took a few tries to get the timing adjusted as he said the bow was way more “aggressive” than they were used to.  Once timing and draw length were squared away, tuning was a piece of cake, and I enjoyed an hour of shop time, getting dialed in, and loving the light weight (3.9 pounds) and smooth draw cycle.

Back on my home range, the Mamba 34 proved to pack a serious punch.  The high energy bow is absolutely the flattest shooter I’ve ever had in my hands, with tight pins and very little drop from 20-60 yards.  The low shock and 80% let off allows me to shoot for hours and to really enjoy the accuracy the bow affords.

Pnuma Matt Hartsky iHuntFit

But ultimately, I am a passionate hunter, and I need a bow to work with me for a huge portion of each year.  Beginning in August, I spent several months hunting with my Mamba 34 for spot and stalk pronghorn, mule deer, elk, black bear, and Alaska mountain goat.  Not only did the Mamba 34 prove itself in the field, it was flawless.  There is nothing like having complete confidence in your gear when the moments we dream about all year become a reality.  While APA offers the best warranty in the industry- LIFETIME GUARANTEE, a believe it is highly unlikely I will ever need to use it.  From belly crawling the grasslands, to climbing thru thick deadfall, and traversing brush choked mountain sides, the Mamba 34 took some serious abuse that you would never believe by looking at or shooting it.

The APA Mamba 34 TF is a mid-sized, smooth, lightweight, high-energy bow and I highly recommend it for archers looking to shoot the perfect all-around bow.