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At Exo Mountain Gear we are extremely passionate about backcountry hunting and our goal is to build what we think are the best backcountry mountain hunting packs available. We feel the best designs are not complicated and we design our packs from a lightweight minimalist perspective always keeping simplicity and function in mind.  We put just enough pockets on them to keep your gear organized while not adding too much weight.  The packs are made right here in Boise, ID USA which allows us to have a very hands on approach to building, testing and developing.   Making the packs here in Boise and using the highest quality materials available (like our Titanium frame) requires us to sell direct.  In the end the hunter gets a USA made, high quality pack for much less than if it went through normal retail channels.

We want our packs to be known for comfort, durability, simplicity and excellent load hauling. As a company we want to be known for outstanding customer service and always listening to our fellow passionate backcountry hunter’s feedback.

We understand that everyone has different needs / wants in a pack and its impossible to make everyone happy, especially keeping the weight down.  Coming from a lightweight backcountry hunting perspective we developed a list that overall supersedes any other needs /wants and we designed the pack with that in mind.

Our list is in order of importance:

  1. Durability– First and foremost the pack has to be durable.  As backcountry hunters we can’t have issues with our gear miles from the road and every stitch, piece of fabric, zipper, buckle, webbing, etc  has been chosen and tested with that in mind.
  2. Comfort– The pack has to be able to haul at the very  minimum 100lbs comfortably all the while being comfortable to wear in daypack mode.  We feel our revolutionary Titanium Skeleton frame does an excellent job in this category.
  3. Weight– Our goal is to keep the pack under 5lbs.   At the end of a long day every ounce matters and the pack is no exception there.
  4. Ability to haul meat– We hunt to kill not to take our bows for a walk and when we do we need to be able to get the meat out quickly and easily.  Having a load shelf for your meat instead of having to throw it in the main bag with the rest of your gear for us just made sense.  This also puts the meat right where it needs to be, up high against your back for better balance and weight distribution.
  5. Function– How easy is it to get in and out of the pack, store your gear, carry your bow, etc.

In our opinion the  pack begins and ends with the suspension.  Above all else if its not comfortable to wear and to haul heavy loads its worthless.  Everything else is just a feature that can be changed or modified.  We feel sometimes too much importance is placed on having a pocket for every item in your pack or carrying your bow, etc and while these features are nice not enough is placed on what a pack first and foremost needs to do and do well, haul your gear and meat.

Lenny and Steve

“Living in a state that many consider a hunters paradise, Montana, I require a versatile pack that can go from my multi day pack to my run and gun pack. I need a pack that can store multiple day’s worth of food, a spike tent, and all your basic necessities, while remaining strong, durable, and comfortable. But I also need a pack that can carry a few necessities while being able to be compressed down to practically nothing, to stay compact during high intensity spot and stalk situations like dodging through trees or sneaking along the broken flatlands.

I have tried my fair share of lower line to top of the line packs, each with their own flaws, but when I came across Exo Mountain Gear, I was instantly intrigued. First few thoughts that crossed my mind…Are they American Made? Are they versatile, reliable, and comfortable? Are they really worth the cost? I spent hours on end researching the company, their history, reading reviews, and before I knew it, I had an Exo 3500 on the way to Montana.

First impression when I opened the box was simply, WOW! Much lighter than I ever expected, all of the stitchings and material felt extremely solid and well designed, and the adjustability seemed endless. Packing for some of my solo hunts, I had endless amounts of gear to pack between my bow, rifle, camera equipment, extra gear, and just the basic things like knives and etc. Just when I thought there was no way there would be enough room for all of my stuff, there was a ton of room to spare! Picking up what felt like a 50 pound pack, quickly turned into a, “I can barely tell it’s on my back”. Extra padding towards the bottom of the frame let the pack rest soft and comfortably against your lower back. The array of adjustments from the soft padded belt, to the chest strap, lets you customize the pack to what you desire.

After months of solid testing, I am beyond impressed with the Exo pack. To answer my previous questions, Exo Mountain Gear is American made in Boise, Idaho. These packs are extremely versatile, undoubtedly reliable, and by far the most comfortable pack I have ever worn. With the quality of the build, you can tell there was a group of dedicated individuals thinking about every single aspect to create the ideal pack and they have done just that. The pack has exceeded my expectations and when you finally find a pack that can cover everything you could imagine in your dream pack, that is priceless.”

Dillon Isaak, iHuntFit Marketing Coordinator

“Finding a high quality pack that wears well in the field is a huge priority for an elk hunter. When I was thinking about switching packs this spring, the first thing I was concerned about was durability. Would this pack hold up to packing out elk in the backcountry? Would the stitching and small details withstand the elements on multiple backcountry and midwestern deer hunts? Would it be comfortable and ride as well as the other top of the line packs on the market?

Upon receiving the EXO Pack I noticed that not only was the material and stitching excellent quality, but it was compressed down so small I knew that it would work in absolutely any hunting situation. Even just as a day pack, this was going to be an excellent option to have. Upon further inspection of my new pack, I couldn’t get over the design and how easy it was to adjust to my body and get it set up right off the bat, something that has been a struggle in the past.

In the field the EXO 5500 is a dream to have on. Not only is it so comfortable you can barely tell you have it on, but everything is so easily accessible on the go. From the belt pouches, the bow and rifle carrier to the positioning of the sleeve pockets for tripods and spotters, the pack was so well designed, with in the field practicality in mind.

After getting the pack all set up and ready to go, it was put to the true test on a Colorado Elk hunt. I was able to put the meat frame to the test and figure out if this was a feature I was either going to love or hate. Much to my surprise I loved having all of that weight strapped close to my back and able to keep my gear separate from my game bags. It worked like a charm to not have to unload everything from every little pocket on the pack. Loaded up with meat and antlers, the pack withstood packing out many miles fully loaded with no problem. The EXO 5500 has been an excellent addition to my hunting gear arsenal!”

~ Brady Retterath, iHuntFit Field Team

“The whitetail solution! Gone are the days of the department store day pack. When I was first able to take my Exo out in the field, I knew it was a game changer. It was always a hassle carrying my bow, tree stand, sticks or steps, and gear in a $40 bag I found in the hunting section of the local super store. Often, I found this to be clunky and problematic when hiking through thick timber. My first experience with Exo made me question why I had never switched before. As I’m sure this pack excels packing out elk, in the mountains, I can’t brag enough about how comfortably I was able to organize and carry everything I needed for my hunts. It isn’t always the easiest carrying heavy stands and climbing sticks or steps. Especially, when you’re trying to avoid sweating on those cold winter mornings. I was impressed with how my 2200 pack distributed the weight on my back. The padding eliminated any rubbing and kept the load nice and tight to my body. I absolutely love the frame to this pack. Nothing gives the type of confidence as one gets with the level of quality put into the design. I was also pleased by the durability of this pack. I’m fairly use to losing zippers or breaking straps by now, but I was shocked by the level of abuse this pack could take. Even the material used stood up to thick thorn bushes and rubs against bark. My most notable part of my experience with Exo was the customer service. I had emailed asking about the time frame if I were to order a specific item. I was curious if I would be able to have my pack before I left for 9 days in the mountains. Not only did I receive a timely response, I also was assured they hurry to process the order as soon as I place it, so I can have my pack for the trip. How awesome is that! This spring, I will be purchasing a larger bag for my frame, but don’t get me wrong. I was able to stuff my 2200 full with gear, coats, steps, gloves, etc. Even when I had every cubic inch packed, the design of this pack allowed for easy access to everything I needed without having to unload and then repack. Definitely, a win in my book. My Exo pack was one of the highlights to my 2017 season. I look forward to many more years of use!”

Justin Hollenback, iHuntFit Team Coach

“I have torn, broken, worn out, and even sold numerous packs that could not handle my hunting needs or simply just hurt my body to the point that it made hunting miserable and tiresome. I’m a disabled female veteran who spent many years getting to where I could hunt and hike about 9 months out of the year hosting an Outdoor Show. When trying on female packs, there was never enough room to hold all my gear. The same problem occurred with mens packs, not enough room and they did not fit properly on the back of my hips or too wide in the shoulders. I love how adjustable the Exo packs are! My hips no longer hurt from bad support, nor do my shoulders ache with light or heavy loads. I take this pack with me on short hauls and on long hunts in the wilderness. Whether you are in shape or have physical issues, this pack is adjustable and comfortable for anyone to use! I’m amazed at all the room in my pack for my survival gear, camera gear, and I’ve also carried out part of an elk on it with all my previously stated gear.I can roll the top down to make the pack smaller without having the empty space letting my gear move all over inside. The flexible material has been tested to the extreme and I have yet to tear the pack or rip the zipper. The hidden lid pocket protects my electronics and keeps my small essentials easily accessible. I absolutely love that my 3 liter bladder fits in my pack no problem. Thanks to EXO Mountain Gear I have had the pleasure to enjoy all my outdoor activities without the pain I did before. It is an essential part of my enjoyment in the outdoors and to my livelihood in the outdoor industry.”

Nicolina Hesse, iHuntFit Field Team

“The EXO 3500 pack has totally changed hunting for me.  Growing up elk hunting with my dad, I am used to setting up the camper or wall tent at a location and going from there.  As soon as I got my hands on this pack I immediately knew I could go anywhere I wanted and actually try something I’ve never done- “backcountry hunting.”  I had always seen videos or heard about doing it but without the right pack I wasn’t even going to think about attempting it. With the 3500 there was no doubt in my mind. Being able to put everything you need for a 3-5 day hunt in one pack AND being able to pack something out comfortably is absolutely amazing. Love how it sits up high on your back relieving that lower back pain. The straps are setup perfect and the titanium frame makes it that much lighter. The whole system is the real deal. I was able to pack out my first ever elk this year with it. Packing out the hind quarter/front quarter and extra meat, it was a heavy load but the EXO 3500 made it so much easier. I will definitely be getting the EXO 5500 and handing down the 3500 to my fiancé. We will be able to go anywhere we want to next year. We can’t wait for the experience. I can truly say I’m glad I went with EXO Mountain Gear. Go in light, come out heavy, no problem.”

Cody Dettmann, iHuntFit Field Team

“After moving to South Dakota a few years ago, our style of hunting changed quite a bit. We were doing a lot more hiking for miles, and most of the time, packing our deer many miles back out. I have always ended up with whatever hand-me-down my husband had upgraded from and unfortunately after having back surgery, the pack I was using was leaving my back in a mess of pain after a hunt.

This spring I had the opportunity to check out an EXO 5500 next to the rest of the packs and couldn’t get over how well you could compress the pack down to pretty much nothing. Tried one on and I was sold, I knew it was time to invest in a solid, quality pack to keep the aches and pains away.

I’ve been nothing but impressed with the durability, design and function of the EXO 5500. The pack is perfect for not only all of my hunting gear, but my camera gear that makes the trips with me as well. The lid is the perfect size to fit my DSLR if I need to store it away and keep it safe and the belt pouches keep some extra batteries and memory cards easily accessible for quick change outs in the field. I love the pouch options and all of the pockets in the pack for all of the small hunting and camera gear that needs to be along with us. A well organized pack is a must for me!

Overall the pack has far exceeded my expectations in the field. Finding a solid pack that fits a tall slender female comfortably isn’t always easy and I can say that the EXO has definitely done just that!”

~ Kristin Retterath, iHuntFit Media Director

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