Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit keeps me motivated and helps me out when I get in a slump. The train on purpose series has several great exercises to help get the most out of your training in the gym. The iHuntFit radio series is packed full of great information that can easy be applied to daily routines or just help with mindset and providing a different way to think about things. The podcast that has helped me the most is, “Eating on Purpose;” Today, food is seen as a luxury when it is really fuel for our body.  iHuntFit helps make you a better hunter and helps improve your overall health.”

~Kari Kraus

Why iHuntFit

“From chasing mule deer at 10,000 ft to setting a trap line thru the winter months, my outdoors lifestyle has become significantly better with iHuntFit. The awesome workout and diet programs have changed how I approach my preparation to hunting and every day life. The best part of iHuntFit is that it has proven results and dedicated coaches that care about the individual.”

~Cole Simonson

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has helped me by keeping me on track with their custom plans that I can see results from, along with their large data base of helpful videos and techniques. Their coaches are full of information that I can rely on when needed. Most so called “diets” fail because people don’t follow a plan. This is where iHuntFit steps in… you can get a meal and workout plan in one location that fits your lifestyle.”

~Jack Keithley

Why iHuntFit

“Joining the iHuntFit team has really helped me transform in many ways. I have become more focused on individual goals through help from my iHuntFit family. Train on Purpose workouts keep things fresh and the concept of “on purpose” really keeps me zeroed in on who I want to be. iHuntFit is full of extremely knowledgeable people in many different subjects of the fitness and hunting worlds. I have always loved hunting and fitness but iHuntFit has truly guided me to more purpose in both.”

~Brad Lowry

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has helped me figure out my weak spots in the mountains, and how to overcome them. Climbing 2,000+ft elevation then scrambling over deadfall on the side of a mountain is hard. My legs only bend so much hurdling over trees. Doing yoga and not forgetting to stretch has definitely helped my flexibility to climb mountains to finish the hunt that I’m on.”

~Kelsey Revak

Why iHuntFit

“If you are the smartest or fittest person in the room, you might be in the wrong room! In order to improve yourself you must surround yourself with those who are smarter, more knowledgable and more fit. When I left the military I had lost my purpose, motivation and direction for staying in shape and establishing personal goals for myself. I needed to find a group that could help me focus on my fitness and prepare me for the upcoming hunting season. iHuntFit is a group of strong, inspirational, trainers who will help you reach your goals and reach new peaks in your health and fitness quest. Not only are the trainers some of the most knowledgeable in the business, they are avid outdoorsmen and women who share the same passion for the outdoors. Where else can you find health, fitness and nutrition experts who eat breath and sleep the outdoors just like you? My faith and confidence in the training I have been provided has allowed me to break through personal barriers and reach new peaks. No more excuses, make a commitment to yourself and reach the next level in fitness and health. iHuntFit has helped me crush personal goals!”

~Tim Smoke

Why iHuntFit

“A few years ago when I came off Active Duty Army Service, I needed something to hold me accountable so I could continue to live an active, fit, and healthy lifestyle.  I didn’t have to look any further than iHuntFit.  This group of like minded hunters, anglers, and fitness enthusiasts was exactly what I needed.  My first workout plan came to me from Coach Matt, and I was hooked.  Thinking that I was already in pretty good shape, I never imagined what his balanced workouts and nutrition plans could do to take me to new levels.  I quickly realized that I was transitioning into the best shape of my life, and with this awesome group, I can stay the course with constant encouragement and motivation!  I love being a part of this team, and improving myself and helping others every day!”

~Chad Chenoweth

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has helped me in many ways. I have learned how tough I am, yet how weak I was, because you’re not going as hard as you think you are. iHuntFit Radio is a great tool that I have used to learn more about hunting fitness while entertaining my self while putting miles on the road at work. It has pushed me to my limits and helped me crush goals. I have kicked bad habits and started new healthy ones. My favorite part of iHuntFit is the iHuntFit TV video series. It has taught me many new workouts and new ways to get the most out of them, making me in all around better shape, therefore a better hunter.”

~Frank Kilgallin

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has been a huge part of turning my fitness around. I became a part of iHuntFit as part of a physical transformation I had begun. I have been fit my whole life but have always struggled with weight fluctuations. The iHuntFit program has kept me motivated thru team support and pushing my workout limits. I love that I am able to combine my passion for hunting with a fitness plan focused on getting me ready for my season. I am excited to keep chiseling away at my goals. 30lbs down and 25 more I plan on shedding!”

~Rebecca Costello

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has brought me to the realization that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. The wealth of knowledge and drive that comes from this team is outstanding and is one of many of the great benefits I’ve gained since joining. Pulling like minded people from all over the world into one team to take on all of life’s challenges and come out on top. I feel blessed to be a part of it and I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for us all!”

~Shane Anderson

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has made me confident to take on the challenges of the back country through endurance, conditioning, and strength training.  The coaching I receive influences me daily.  I have energy, a positive attitude, feel good about myself because I know I am taking the steps to continually better myself.  I always get a huge smile on my face when help is needed unloading a window truck at my office and the staff comes to get me…because I am strong!!!  Thank you Coach Hartsky for your coaching and mentoring.”

~Lauren Judge

Why iHuntFit

“When I hear certain words, I associate a picture with those words in my head and up until about 1 year ago, the word encouragement would bring up memories of my youth baseball team. We constantly pushed each other to be the best we could be and for so many years I looked for that kind of encouragement and camaraderie. I finally found that through the team members of iHuntFit and Coach Matt Hartsky. Now when I hear the word encouragement, the iHuntFit logo is what comes to mind. I have always loved hunting and I have worked out for many years but there was never really a purpose behind it and I never connected the two together the way I should have. Now I push myself even when I want to just sleep in a couple more hours instead of get out of bed and go hit the gym at 4 in the morning because I have an end goal. I want to be the best that I can be on the mountain every chance that I get. When it come time to pack out after a weeks’ worth of hunting, I know I’m going to have the ability to do it because this team has pushed me to be my very best. I have trained all year for what is ahead, and I know I will succeed. Eating right and staying with a workout plan is so easy now because it is all laid out for me and I have a great team of people constantly encouraging me to succeed.”

~ Justin Garcia

SKRE iHuntFit

“When I noticed my best good friend (and elk hunting amigo) getting in better shape, I said to myself, “I better do more because I will not be the one at the end of the pack!” I was looking for that next hill to climb, then I found out that he was a part of the “iHuntFit” program/team. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would completely benefit and change how I do things involving my routines with family, work, and hunting, as well as into my fitness lifestyle, because I’ve always been the type to stick to my certain routine that worked for me, which included “self-driven workouts” and some jiu jitsu training. But I started the IHUNTFIT program about a year ago. And now I see myself enjoying ‘team setting’ based workouts, and team challenges, as well as seeing results; I have also motivated a co-worker to do more… that happens when you get caught doing body squats at your desk. (Something I would have never done without the push from the team challenges.) Since joining the “iHuntFit” Team, I have not only shredded down some of those extra lbs. that slowed me down during my hunting season; I enjoy the “Team Feel” of being a part of the “iHuntFit” assembly of hard workers looking to sharpen their skills out in the field, as well as their bodies; to live their best lives whether they’re in the field of life or looking to harvest meat for their families’ freezers during hunting season. I would highly recommend this group to others that are ready for that next hill to climb in their life. I am a PROUD member of the IHUNTFIT Field Team.

~Joey Alba

Why iHuntFit

“I stumbled upon iHuntFit at a time in my life where I was struggling to find a way to combine my two biggest passions in life. Both hunting and fitness have always been of equal and great importance to me, but I had never come into contact with others who felt as strongly about the two. Then, I became a part of TEAM iHuntFit and everything changed. I am surrounded by a group of driven, inspirational, and supportive people who push me to be better on a daily basis. The TEAM atmosphere surrounding iHuntFit is unparalleled. Every member brings a variety of knowledge and experience to the table, and I have learned so much just from day to day interactions. I especially love the variety of the Train on Purpose workouts. I have noticed a huge physical improvement in myself both in the field and in the gym, and I couldn’t have done it without the support from my TEAM!”

~Courtney Green

Why iHuntFit

“My journey to fitness started 5 years ago when I decided two things: that I wanted to get in shape and I wanted to hunt Mountain Goats.  Everyone said I had to get in shape to hunt these mountain monarchs so I began as everyone does, hitting the gym, with no plan, just exercise until I saw results.  I followed every social media platform about fitness i could find, but my motivation would falter and I would lose anything I had gained.

After joining iHuntFit, my fitness was immediately jump started with personal coaching and utilizing the Train On Purpose workout methodology. I often tell my wife that hunting is a lifestyle, and being fit enough to hunt is a major part of hunting.  iHuntFIt combines fitness with hunting not to be fit for the upcoming season, but to be fit for every future season.
This past season saw me at my best fitness level in 5 years.  I was not limited to go an extra mile, or a next ridge.  Upon returning from an elk hunt, my mentality has shifted from “well its the off season” to “there’s only 365 days until next season!”
~Mike Kruse
Why iHuntFit

“I have been active all my life with peaks and valleys through it all. In 2014 I started sheep hunting regularly and found that my conditioning was not appropriate for what I was trying to do. In 2015 I joined a fitness group to prepare for my sheep hunting season and it helped a lot. The next year I tried to prepare on my own, falling short of my goals due to lack of knowledge and support. I hunted these years and ended up getting up the mountain without the base I had the year prior, but it was tough. In summer 2017 I saw an ad for iHuntFit and started talking with Matt . Since joining iHuntFit that fall I have maintained sheep shape all year, not try to catch up one month before. My 2018 sheep season saw over 200 km’s traveled trough the remote mountains of the Yukon pain free and far more enjoyable. Recently I had shoulder surgery, and the team at iHuntFit has sent constant support helping to push though the pain it takes to get back to the top. Strength training starts again next week and I look forward to getting back to 100% with the help of Coach Matt and our group at iHuntFit.”

~Bryce Bekar

Why iHuntFit

“What iHuntFit has done for me….well it has taught me the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and has taken my hunting adventures to a new level. iHuntFit has not only helped me physically but also mentally with a “can do it attitude”.  The 50 plus pounds I have lost has changed my outlook on everything and setting new and ever changing goals to challenge myself.  I am an iHuntFit athlete.”

~Matt Judge

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit it is important because it’s a one team program. We are all willing to work together to achieve the same common dominator and that’s being fit. We have the same interests and aim to be a better person. Ultimately being part of a team means, competing, and working, living and winning and losing. We represent struggle, pain, failure, work passion and purpose. iHuntFit keeps us in tune so we can take one day at a time, so for our end results we stay focused by achieving our goals. If you want to rise to the top, it is through hard work and personal sacrifice and each of us with iHuntFit put ourselves thru that struggle every day. But it’s the TEAM that keeps us successful.”

~Jacquelyn Gross Guccini “Success comes to those who never Quit and never stop Dreaming”

Why iHuntFit

“What iHunt Fit means to me:

I’d like to put it to an acronym. TEAM.  Some may say it means Together Everyone Achieves More, which is very applicable.

I see it as going a little deeper.

T stands for Total Body Transformation.  By engaging the workouts with the nutrition, it engages all aspects of the body to become fit.

E stands for Engagement.  With the coaches and team keeping on top of the group page it helps to keep you engaged and not let the fitness journey take a back seat.

A stands for Accountability.  We all keep each other accountable for the challenges that are posted, and each region strives to be the best.

M stands for Mentorship.  Starting out as someone that can get lost in a gym to having a plan there have been many questions along the way.  Coach Matt as well as the rest of the team are always accessible to help with questions from nutrition to workouts and how to stay focused while traveling.

The program has kick started me into another level of fitness that I didn’t think I could achieve.”

~Brandon Hiatt

Why iHuntFit

Team /tēm/ noun 1. a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. synonyms: group, squad, company, party, crew, 2. verb come together as a team to achieve a common goal. This is exactly what I missed greatly when I exited the military. I missed the camaraderie and the push to be better from those around me. In TEAM IHUNTFIT I found that again. Since being a member of this team I have had people to ask questions and feel no judgment or negativity. I also feel as if my input is valued the same. We continue to push each other more and more headed in the right directions. This Team is going places and I am glad to be a part.


~Josh Campbell

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has helped me in a number of ways. I used to workout with no long term goals. I just showed up to the gym, worked a few muscle groups and did a little cardio. I also justified eating junk food because I would go to the gym regularly. What I have learned since joining iHuntFit is that the nutritional aspect is more important than working out, which is key for anyone who wants to get in better shape. The team members are great motivators and give each other ideas on workout strategies and nutritional insights. There are many people who have backgrounds in personal training who post great daily workouts that help me follow my plan. We are all hunters who try to better ourselves and others. I have seen how iHuntFit has helped me in my hunting. I am hunting more western states and hunt mostly the backcountry. I have seen how being physically fit can extend not only my time in the backcountry but the years I will be able to do it.”

~Chris Roberts

Why iHuntFit
“Looking at the media pages, iHuntFit shows hunters of all sorts improving themselves as hunters and people. These hunters range from mountain hunters to whitetail. As hunters, we all have different goals, from trying to hunt a new animal or scoring a bigger buck. Since I have joined iHuntFit I have received a new support group. I now have people who share similar passions for hunting and fitness. The challenges we overcome as people and a group improve us and drive me to compete harder goals. After I graduated college I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do with my free time after working a full time job. iHuntFit led me to find solace in the gym. I’m improving my fitness, mental health and hunting experiences. Because of the work I am putting in, I was able to harvest my first whitetail buck this past November. iHuntFit gives me a drive to do better in everything. They are my support system, teacher and friends. iHuntFit is a TEAM!”
~Niekole Hall
Why iHuntFit
“iHuntFit has helped me in so many ways. Being apart of iHuntFit has pushed me to stay focused on my workouts and pushed me to grind through when I want to quit. This season I did a 6 day solo backcountry archery elk hunt, and without iHuntFit I never would have been able to get through the physical demand or the mental demands of a solo backcountry hunt.  Learning and grinding through at the gym all year when I was sore tired or just didn’t want to be there was a big help to keep pushing in the mountains.”
~Brandon Nily
Why iHuntFit
“I started the iHuntFit Nutrition Program a year and a half ago.  This tailored program geared specifically to my personal goals is unlike any I have seen before.  Completely changed my attitude on what a non-crash, lean muscle building, diet plan looked like.  Lean enough to not be weighted down with a heavy bulk but robust enough to build and optimize the gains from the time I have put in at the gym.  That coupled with top of the line coaching and the free workout database at, is a great combination for success.”
~Jake Myers
Why iHuntFit

“For some, hunting is a hobby and for others it is a lifestyle. It is a roller coaster of emotions, and at times can be incredibly difficult. It is even more challenging when you are out in the wilderness unprepared physically and mentally. Team iHuntFit has helped me to become better prepared for poor conditions while doing what I love. It is not a fad or a trend, it is a community of folks that are wired the same way. People who have turned their hobbies into lifestyles and their preparation into daily habits.

iHuntFit helps me stay motivated to work hard during hunting season and in the off season. The team is very uplifting and is constantly giving praise and congrats on hunting success (and even failures), PRs in the gym and even personal accomplishments. I love the daily workouts that a couple members from the team post. There are times when I get caught in a rut and my brain lacks creativity for generating effective workouts. Team iHuntFit has helped me over that hump many times! The team is constantly helping me to stay driven and improve my fitness and meal planning. I look forward to what 2019 will bring this awesome group of people!”

~Maranda Anderson

Why iHuntFit
“iHuntfit has helped me reach my goals. I struggled with a plateau that I just couldn’t bust through but with the help of the iHuntfit coach’s training and meal plans I was able reach my goals. With a crazy work schedule as a pipeliner traveling on the road, the coaching plans helped keep me on track. Exercises with minimal equipment at hotel gyms and better food choices on the go, hands down a good choice for people who travel and need a trainer on the go to reach their hunting and fitness goals.”
~ Noah Stephenson
Why iHuntFit

“I have been a member of iHuntFit for well over a year now. I got in touch with Coach Matt, because I needed help, I needed motivation, and most of all I needed to know how to get back in hunting shape after a serious back injury. Over the last year I have not only conquered major spinal surgery but made it up a mountain for a goat hunt less than three months after surgery with the help of iHuntFit. I am getting stronger and leaner every day. I am now getting ready for my hunt of a lifetime in South Africa this coming June, and I could not have gotten there without iHuntFit. iHuntFit has been my rock and is carrying me through to the next hunt in a way I never thought possible. I thought I would be the fat guy in the chair with a bad back, not the guy I see today, tearing up the gym. Together to the top!”

~Stephen Butler

Why iHuntFit
“iHuntFit has helped me in many ways. Since I joined the iHuntFit team I have seen many team member’s progress.  I’ve also seen how one person’s progress can motivate another to try their best in order to meet their goals as it has for myself. iHuntFit has custom programs for both training and nutrition designed specifically for each individual and coaches to help with any and all questions you may have, helping you to be the best you can be. From the kitchen, to the gym, and finally to the backcountry or your stand iHuntFit has everything a hunter needs to live the healthiest life and a positive team to help along the way!”
~Dustin Ogan
Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit is for hunters by hunters.  From the gym to the table and everything in between.  Offering personal workout and nutrition plans by certified trainers and subject experts. The whole team lives to see the other’s success whether it’s in the gym or in the field. iHuntFit is dedicated to making you a better hunter and improving your overall health and well-being.”

~Bryan Darnell

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has become an essential tool in my hunting bag. I find that I get strength from being part of a like minded group of people. The posts, the pictures, the encouraging words help me push farther, harder. When I want to skip the gym and take it easy…this group gives me inspiration.  On my recent sheep hunt this not only helped me physically but mentally. And the mental is a huge part of long physical hunts.  I know through a higher level of physical fitness I hunt longer, hike farther and pack out more. iHuntFit has really helped me take my hunting to another level.”

~Marty Liesegang

Why iHuntFit

“iHuntFit has been a huge proponent of my motivation to train not only as a powerlifter but my general fitness. Everyone involved promotes positive motivation and that carries a long way. I look forward to continuing to be involved with such a great and vast group of hunters and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world.”

~Brian Ellithorpe