hunting fitness overhead squat

Overhead Squat

The Overhead Squat can be done anywhere, and with any object. Proper Squat technique and mechanics apply to this movement…

pulling tires hunting fitness

Tire Drags

An awesome workout, especially for hunters, that can be done anywhere!


Training Variety is King

For the beginning exerciser and gym veteran alike, a couple of the biggest challenges lie in either deciding what to do for the workout or changing up the old routine.

huntfit hunting fitness foot elevated split leg squat

Foot Elevated Split Squats

Whether you have trouble with your knees or lower back, or are just looking for a great leg builder, the Foot Elevated Split Squat is one of the safest, results producing leg alternatives to barbell squats (used extensively by top strength coaches world wide).

Kettlebell Face Pull

How can I do face pulls without a cable machine? Here is an example with a Kettlebell, but a Dumbell or other tool would work just fine for performing one of my all time favorite exercises.

Step ups

Step Ups are often left out of training routines because of their challenging nature. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this useful tool!

Hanging Rows

Learn the benefits and techniques of the hanging row exercises.