Core Hunting Exercises

10 Hanging Core Exercises

iHuntFit Lunges

9 Lunges for Hunters

iHuntFit Pack Training

Weighted Pack Training Tips

ihuntfit ab core video


44 safe, simple, and effective ab & core exercises that can be done anywhere, with no equipment needed.

hunting fitness leg training

The Legs Feed The Wolf

Hunting can be hard, mother nature tough, and animals unpredictable. Train your body similarly & you’ll be on you way to realizing your predator potential.

hunting fitness radio

iHuntFit Radio 003: Building a Training Program

In this episode of iHuntFit Radio, Coach Matt Hartsky shares the difference between working out and using a training program, including structuring training using periodization based on each hunter’s individual goals and needs.

hunting fitness ab wheel

Ab Wheel

Build up to using the ab wheel correctly for great gains in hunting specific core strength.