Who is Team iHuntFit? 


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We are a TEAM of passionate hunters, backed by more than 22 years of top level strength, conditioning, endurance & nutrition coaching experience, combined with decades of experience in the outdoors.

We take pride in providing content that supports ethical, hard nosed hunting, fishing & conservation, including hunt specific training & nutrition advice, safe & results driven exercise demonstration, healthy recipes, motivation & gear recommendations thru our strong network of media outlets.

There is so much more than the hunt itself. At least a year’s worth of preparation goes into a successful hunt and season. We hope you will join us as we grind #TogetherToTheTop!


Andrew Marlin plays many roles here at iHuntFit, from meeting with brand partners to coordinating many of our programs and events.  Andrew currently resides in Tucson, Arizona where he works as a firefighter/paramedic.  When he is not on duty, Andrew is chasing many of the big game species Arizona has to offer.  He also enjoys wing shooting, fly fishing and running.  Andrew’s passion for the outdoors has taken him to many destinations around the United States to experience hunting and fishing through the eyes of the locals. Andrew makes it a point to share these experiences with those new to the outdoors through his writing, speaking engagements and an open invitation to tag along.

Chad Chenoweth is the iHuntFit Program Director and an avid hunter and outdoorsman from Hamilton, Ohio.  Chad served 11 years in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer where he fell in love with fitness, and keeps it a top daily priority.   He continues service today as a Logistics Officer in the Army Reserves.   Chad spends his free time outdoors pursuing game, and enjoying nature with his wife and two young children.   His home location in Southwest Ohio has provided great opportunities and success with Whitetail Deer, Eastern Wild Turkey, and plenty of predator hunting.  He is also enjoys fishing and upland bird hunting.    He frequently travels out of state to hunt with friends, and will never turn down an invitation to learn a new skill, or hunt a new animal.  

Kymbra Espinosa is one of the most accomplished hunters we’ve met.  She just knows how to get it done. Probably due to her hard working attitude, which is one of the reasons we love having her on our team.  She currently resides in New Mexico where she works as a law enforcement officer. When Kymbra is not on duty she spends her free time in the woods or at the gym. Kymbra enjoys going to 3D archery shoots and spending time at the shooting range. If Kymbra isn’t hunting for herself she won’t hesitate to tag along and spot for friends and family.

Dustin Hollowell is one of the most knowledgeable hunters we know.  He is a native Texan living and working in eastern Oregon. A wildlife biologist by trade and hunter by blood, he has spent most of his life pursuing wild things in wild places. Dustin spends each fall in western public lands and backcountry chasing anything he is fortunate enough to draw a tag for; and the rest of the year training, prepping, researching and planning on where he will spend the next fall. The only thing he enjoys more than challenging himself on the mountain is helping other hunters get it done!

Cole Simonson was born and raised in Wyoming. Cole knew from a young age that he wanted to chase wild game in wild places. From upland grouse to bugling bull elk Cole rolls from season to season with passion for the chase and adventure. When he’s not chasing wild game Cole works as an electrician in Gillette, WY. He also spends time teaching friends and family about the outdoors and sharing what he has learned from his own experiences. Even during Cole’s very short off season he is preparing for his hunts. He stays physically fit and prepared by working out and hiking into the high country of the bighorn mountains.

Brad Lowry grew up in Wyoming with a passion for the outdoors and athletics since day 1. After 9/11 he enlisted and spent 10 years in the Army. He now lives in Wyoming where he works for the City of Laramie as a Firefighter/EMT-I. Brad is an avid hunter/fisherman of everything Wyoming has to offer. He is a personal trainer and an accomplished archery/rifle/pistol competitor. He spends most of his days off with his family and in the backcountry either scouting, hunting or riding with his Snowbike team. Brad is very adamant about helping others succeed in both the outdoors and fitness worlds.

Josh Campbell spent 14 years in the U.S. Army where he gained a great respect for Teamwork and the Team environment! Growing up in Kansas where he now resides with his wife and boys, he learned to love the outdoors chasing whitetail and calling predators as well as fishing and bird hunting. Josh’s current profession as a Rural Water Operations Manager continues his passion of service to residents of his county. His job also provides great opportunity to continue to be outdoors and learning to become a more knowledgeable whitetail hunter everyday by observation. His hunting goals include continuing to hunt across the United States and passing on his love for the outdoors to his boys.

Shane Anderson is a CNC machinist from Ohio with an awesome family who supports his passion for bow hunting and fitness. Shane killed his first deer with a compound bow at the age of ten and he’s been hooked ever since. He travels up to five states per year chasing his passion for hunting and adventure. Shane feeds off the constant struggles of ups and downs hunting and fitness bring and refuses to take no for an answer when it comes to learning and chasing his dreams.